The Catholic Studies program is a semester program for students in the Catholic Studies program and from Saint John Vianney Seminary at the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA). During their semester of residence in Rome, students are enrolled as guest students at the Pontifical University of Thomas Aquinas and take courses from the Faculties of Philosophy and Theology selected by advisors of their home campus in consultation with the academic director. Students are also enrolled in a course in Christian Art and Architecture in Italy (at the Pontifical University Santa Croce), which includes site visits in Rome and Florence. During the second semester, the lay students in the program take a special course taught by a visiting professor from the University of St. Thomas. In addition, students are enrolled in an Italian course at Italiaidea, a language school in Rome.


With the permission of the program director in St. Paul and the academic director at the Angelicum, students may also enroll in additional courses beyond those selected for the program (e.g. Latin 5 or Latin 6).


During their stay in Rome, lay students are housed at the Bernardi Campus, a residence owned by the University of St. Thomas along the Tiber. Seminarians are housed at the Pontifical Irish College.