The Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Registration Information

Here you will find important information on the steps required for registration at The Pontifical Angelicum University.

Important Dates



28 May – 28 September 2018: for registration for the year or for the first semester (August closed);
7 January – 25 January  2019: for registration for the second semester.


Deadline for Course Changes

1st semester: 28 September 2018
2nd semester: 25 January 2019

Potete trovare la lista dei corsi nelle pagine delle rispettive facoltà

You find the list of courses in their respective faculty


Categories of Students

Ordinary students are those who may obtain an academic degree.

Facoltà di Teologia – Provvisorio


Extraordinary students are divided into two groups:


  • Simpliciter extraordinarii: these students are not registered for a degree. If they later want to register for a degree, they must begin the complete course of studies from the beginning.
  • Ad tempus extraordinarii: these are students who, while they are registered in a Faculty of our university in order to obtain a degree, have not yet completed the full course of studies for a previous degree. In this situation, such students may remain as “extraordinary” for one year only.


Guest students are those who may not register for more than 4 semester-long courses in the academic year.


Auditors: are students who, with the consent of the Dean or the President, register for one or more courses for their personal benefit, paying a special fee for each course, but with no right to examinations or diplomas. They may request a certificate of attendance, issued by the Dean or President.,


Fuori corso (Extra cursum) students are those who, after having followed the regular program of studies, are yet to complete their academic requirements (examinations, theses, written work). Such students are required to pay the prescribed fees by the Administration. They may retain the status of Fuori Corso for a maximum period of five years, after which they must begin their cycle of studies all over again. (This norm comes into force from the academic year 2017-2018).

Requirements for Admission

In order to be admitted as an ordinary student, it is necessary:


  • to have completed whatever studies are required for admission to the university in the student’s country of origin;
  • to have completed the studies required by the Faculty or Institute in which the student plans to study.


One registers for the academic year in the Secretariat of each Faculty and then in the General Secretariat properly filling out in every part the following forms:


Download Matriculation or first time registration


Download Extra cursum


Please request an appointment with the Secretariat of the appropriate Faculty with all the pertinent documentation before going to the General Secretariat or Administration:



At the time of registration the student shall make a down payment of € 200.00 towards the academic fees for the appropriate semester. The payment may be made in one of the following ways in the Office of Administration where an appropriate receipt shall be issued:

  1. bank draft;
  2. credit card;
  3. bancomat;
  4. cheque;
  5. cash.

Should the registration be cancelled, this initial payment shall not be refunded.


One may not register for a successive year, if one has not paid the dues for the preceding year.


Academic Fees 

Required Documents for First-Time Registration

  • An authentic and detailed certification of completed studies, proving: the academic title, the number of years of study completed, the content of the studies, and the credits and grades obtained;
  • Authorization of the Dean or Director; this is necessary when going from one cycle to the next;
  • Two passport size photographs, one for the Dean of the Faculty and one for the use of the Secretariat.

Special Requirements for First-Time Registrations & Annual Renewals

  • Authorization of the Rector of the student’s College of residence, if he is a cleric or a seminarian; of his own Superior, if he is a Religious; or a letter from the Bishop, if the student is a layperson.
  • Authorization from the Office of Clerics, issued by the Vicariate of Rome, for diocesan priests residing in Rome in a non-authorized College. Secular or Religious priests living outside the Diocese of Rome must present the nihil obstat of their own Ordinary, which proves their diocesan incardination, or affiliation to a particular religious institute, and the place of their habitual residence;
  • Receipt of payment of the amount due, paid in one of the following ways: bank draft, credit card, bancomat, cheque or in cash in the Office of Administration
  • For the requirements of the individual Faculties or Institutes, the student must consult the appropriate Program of Studies.

Knowledge of Italian or English

Students whose mother tongue in neither Italian nor English must acquire a facility in their language of instruction by the end of the first semester of their enrollment. At the end of the semester there will be a proficiency examination. Any further determinations concerning language proficiency are established by the individual faculties.

Dates for Registration

5 June – 22 September: for registration for the year or for the first semester (August closed);

8 January – 26 January: for registration for the second semester.

Late Enrolments

In addition to the payment of arrears, the written permission of the Dean or Director is required for those who enroll after 22 September and not later than 20 October for the first semester, and after 26 January and not later than 23 February for the second semester. Enrolment after these periods requires the special permission of the Rector, upon the request of the Dean or Director.


In order to obtain an academic degree, simultaneous enrolment as an ordinary student at other Pontifical Universities or Athenaeum, or in other Faculties and Institutes of the Angelicum, is forbidden. Such a double enrolment will be annulled and all examinations invalidated. Enrollment in the doctoral program is valid for two years; after which, the student, even though continuing the preparation of his dissertation, may enroll in another Faculty.

Plan of Study

Every student should prepare a plan of study, in accordance with the program provided by the appropriate Faculty or Institute, or as agreed to by the Dean or the Director. The plan of study should include the student’s obligatory, optional, and seminar courses. In choosing his courses, the student must bear in mind:

  • what is possible in practice;
  • that the times of his/her courses do not coincide with each other.

Deadline for Course Changes

1st semester: 22 September 2017

2nd semester: 26 January 2018.

Registration for Courses and Seminars

Every student, during the period already indicated, must record on the appropriate card his courses, both obligatory and optional, and seminars.


The completed card must show:


  • The academic year, semester, and the student’s matriculation number;
  • The faculty, cycle, and year in which he/she is studying (and his/her specialization, where required);
  • The student’s last name, first name, and College;
  • The courses and their codes, exactly as listed in the Handbook of Studies, the name of the professor and the credits involved (one and half credit corresponds to one hour of weekly lectures per semester);
  • The obligatory courses from which the student has been dispensed; for these, in place of the credits, a “D” should be indicated.
  • The Dean’s signature.

Dispensation from Courses

Requests for dispensations of every type are dealt with by the Dean or Director year by year, upon presentation of the relevant documents, if this has not already been made.


Attendance at courses and seminars is obligatory, and any student who, at the end of a course or seminar, has been absent for a third of the lectures or more, loses every right with respect to that course or seminar.