Permanent Formation



In these unusual times you can still take advantage of sabbatical time and permanent formation opportunities at the Angelicum. And you can do it now without actually traveling to Rome.

Part of the reason people come to Rome is to see the city and take advantage of its exceptional religious, historical and cultural richness.

But for now … why not come to the Angelicum online and join those students who will be in the city in the coming academic year?

There is a range of courses and events for which you can register, either to audit or to gain credit for your participation.


Here, for example, is a small sample of courses and events you can follow online in 2020-2021



  • Aquinas and Islamic Thought in Dialogue – Joseph Ellul OP, in English, Monday 14.30-16.15, first semester
  • La providdenza e il governo di Dio – Serge-Thomas Bonino OP, in italiano, martedi 08.30-10.15 nel primo semestre
  • Aquinas at Prayer – Paul Murray OP, in English, Tuesday 16.30-18.15, first semester
  • La teologia trinitaria di Tommaso d’Aquino – Marco Salvati OP, in italiano, mercoledi 16.30-18.15 nel primo semestre
  • La dottrina di S. Caterina da Siena – Marie des Anges Cayeux OP, in italiano, martedi 14.30-16.15, nel secondo semestre
  • Creation and Contemporary Science – Mariusz Tabaczek OP, in English, Thursday 14.30-16.15, second semester
  • Eros and Agape – Mats Wahlberg, in English, Friday 14.30-16.15, second semester


Nella FACOLTÀ DI SCIENZE SOCIALI (tutti i corsi in italiano)

  • Etica e cinema – Alejandro Crosthwaite OP, lunedì e mercoledì, 14.30-16.15, nel primo semestre
  • Etica sociale: ripartire dopo il COVID – Francesco Compagnoni OP, venerdì, 17.50-19.25, nel primo semestre
  • Etica del denaro e dei mercati finanziari – Roberto Bongianni OFM, in italiano, 10.30-12.15, nel secondo semestre




In the MATER ECCLESIAE Institute of Religious Studies …



  • Teologia della corporeità – José Michel Favi MI, in italiano, giovedi 14:40-16:15
  • Un modello di formazione: sequela e vita comune nel pensiero di D. Bonhoeffer – Cristiano Massimo Parisi CP, in italiano, mercoledì 14:30-16:15
  • Bibbia e Musica – Pasquale Troìa, in italiano, lunedì 14:30-16:15
  • Educate for legality or justice? At the frontier of pedagogy, law and ethics – Dario Sessa, in English (and in italiano), Friday 14:30-16:15
  • Educating to Mercy: Figures and Biblical Perspectives – Lyubov Dubkovetska, in English, Monday 14:30-16:15, first semester


  • Pedagogia interculturale – Carla Roverselli MdS, in italiano, venerdì 16:30-18:15
  • Comunicazione Religiosa nel Digitale – Edoardo Mattei, in italiano, sabato 9:30-12:30
  • Arte e Religione – Paola Dalla Torre, in italiano, martedì 14:30-16:15
  • Human formation, fundament of priesthood and consecrated life – Paola Pellicanò, in English, Monday 16:30-18:15
  • The relationship master-disciple in the Bible and in the early Christian Communities – Maria Pina Scanu, in English, Friday 14:30-18:15



FURTHER INFORMATION FROM Vivian Boland OP – [email protected]