Permanent Formation


fr. Vivian Boland, O.P., Director of Permanent Formation


In these unusual times you can still take advantage of sabbatical time and permanent formation opportunities at the Angelicum. And you can do it now without actually traveling to Rome.


Part of the reason people come to Rome is to see the city and take advantage of its exceptional religious, historical and cultural richness. And we hope many people can begin to do that again soon.


But for now … why not come to the Angelicum online and join those students who will be in the city in the coming academic year? There is a range of courses and events for which you can register.


For example …


Paul Murray OP is one of the best known contemporary teachers of Dominican spirituality. His ever-popular courses at the Angelicum will also be streamed live in the academic year 2021-22 and are open to others who might wish to audit them. A well-known author, poet and theologian, he speaks from a depth of knowledge and experience.


In the first semester (October 2021 – January 2022) he will give an introductory course on Spiritual Theology as well as lecturing on The Lived Theology of Saint Catherine of Siena.

In the second semester (February – May 2022) he will give two further courses, on St John of the Cross and on The Humanity of the Medieval Mystics.


Also in the first semester (October 2021 – January 2022) the following courses will be live-streamed:


Vivian Boland OP, History of Spirituality – from the Desert Fathers to the Middle Ages (in English)

Ciro Bova OP, La Direzione Spirituale (in Italiano)

Denis Kulandaisamy OSM, Marian Spirituality (in English)

Marco Salvati OP, La Misericordia, virtu di Dio e dell’uomo (in Italiano)




Vivian Boland OP – [email protected]