Permanent Formation


There are many possibilities for permanent (ongoing, continuing) formation at the Angelicum. It may be that a person wants to pursue a full programme leading to a qualification. Or it may be that a person wants simply to follow a selection of courses in order to update, refresh and develop further, the knowledge and skills they have already gained.

The person of experience coming to the study of philosophy, theology and spirituality is well placed to appreciate even more profoundly the questions considered in these subject areas as well as the classical works of the men and women who have engaged with these questions across the centuries.

Part of the reason people come to Rome is to see the city and take advantage of its exceptional religious, historical and cultural richness. It may be that the priority for some coming to the city is to enjoy a sabbatical time, resting a bit from their ordinary work and responsibilities, while undertaking some study also. All of this can be happily done while engaging in permanent formation at the Angelicum.

The Director of Permanent Formation is available to work with each person in designing a programme adapted to their needs and interests. The hope is it will be possible to bring together all who come to the city and to the university for the same reason, and together to reflect on various aspects of learning in later life, learning from experience, negotiating change and managing transitions, etc.

The Director of Permanent Formation, Paweł Trzopek OP, is available to advise and can be contacted at the following address:

[email protected]