“Congar School for Ecumenics”. A scholarship

“Congar School for Ecumenics”. A scholarship

A Postdoctoral Research Programme for Advanced Studies in Ecumenism

General Information


The “Congar School for Ecumenics” is a Postdoctoral Research Programme for Advanced Studies in Ecumenism of the Institute for Ecumenical Studies of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome (Angelicum).


The Programme offers scholarships to clerics or laypeople from different Christian traditions, willing to deepen their research in ecumenism.


Candidates accepted into the program will relocate to Rome for one academic year (October 2022 to June 2023).




The scholarship covers academic fees for one year. Moreover, the researcher will get a €13,000 stipend intended to cover full board and lodging, travels, insurances and other expenses.


A Certificate will be issued by the University at the conclusion of the research programme.


Academic Programme


– A weekly 2 hours’ workshop.

– A monthly 2 hours’ seminar (“Tillard Chair”).

– Discussion of the results of the research before a scientific committee.

– Publication of one scientific article in a western language on an ecumenical topic.

– Possibility to attend courses offered by the Institute for Ecumenical Studies.


Required Documentation


For admission to the scholarship program:

– Curriculum vitae including academic degrees.

– A statement of intent of no more than 300 words.

– Description of the candidate’s scientific project.


For admission to the University: regular requirements can be reviewed here.




The application and related documentation must be emailed to [email protected] no later than 30 June 2022.