[FE 2015]  BAC. 1st yr History of Ancient Philosophy II – 24.25

Semester II
tuesday 10:30 - 12:15

Course Information

Professor: RAFFRAY, Matthieu
Email: [email protected]
Language: English

Semester II
tuesday 10:30 - 12:15


The second part of this course is divided into three main parts:

  1. Life, works and main concepts of Aristotle;
  2. The Hellenistic Philosophers (Sceptics, Epicureans, Stoics);
  3. Plotinus and Neoplatonic Philosophers.

As for the first semester, a selection of texts in English translation will constitute the matter of presentation, reading and analysis guided by the teacher in class


BIBLIOGRAPHY:-T. IRWIN, G. FINE (ed.), Aristotle: Introductory Readings, Hackett Publishing Company,Indianapolis, Cambridge, 2nd edition, 1996.
- B. INWOOD, P. GERSON (ed.), Hellenistic Philosophy: Introductory Readings, Hackett Publishing Company, Indianapolis, Cambridge, 2nd edition, 1997.
- A.A. LONG (ed.), Hellenistic Philosophy: Stoics, Epicureans, Sceptics, Univ. of California Press, Berkeley, 2nd Edition, 1986.