[FE 2012]  BAC. 1st yr Philosophy of Nature II – 24.25

Semester II
monday 10:30 - 12:15

Course Information

Professor: DAVENPORT, Thomas
Email: xw [email protected]

Language: English

Semester II
monday 10:30 - 12:15


This course continues the investigation of Aristotelian-Thomistic notions of natural philosophy and their relationship with experimental sciences. We will study the four causes, with a particular focus on efficient and final causality. Then we will look at the Thomistic account of motion and its related aspects of action and passion. We will then turn to issues surrounding time, space, infinity, and the continuity and divisibility of physical bodies. We will conclude with a discussion of whether and how philosophy of nature, in a contemporary context, can discover non-material non-physical realities.


ARISTOTLE, Categories, Physics; G. FROST, Aquinas on Efficient Causality and Causal Powers (Cambridge University Press, 2022); W. A. WALLACE, The Modelling of Nature, (Catholic University of America Press, 1996); D. MCINERNY, The Philosophy of Nature (The Alquin Press, 2001); M. DODDS, The Philosophy of Nature, (Western Dominican Province, 2010).