Dies academicus 2019

Dies academicus 2019

Dear Professors, Employees and Students of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas,

I would like to warmly invite you on 15th November to our Dies Academicus.

We will continue to work on the strategic plan for our University and for our internal institutions – Faculties and Institutes, attempting to understand our mission in the context of the mission of the Church and of the Dominican Order, thanks, in part, to a group of outstanding guests.

You will find the programme below.

A couple of days before the event, I will send short descriptions of the strategic plans of our institutions to all the professors and representatives of the ASPUST.

The presentations and discussions will be in Italian and English without translation. Last year this way of proceeding worked pretty well.

I hope that this event will help us to strengthen our commitment to serve the Church in the Dominican Order.

Michał Paluch OP

Dies academicus 2019 (15.11.2019)

First Session 9.00 – 10.30

Purpose: Inspiration, adding important elements to be taken into account in our work on our different projects at the PUST.

Theme: What would an ideal Roman Pontifical University look like?

Format: a panel of three speakers; (1) each of them presents an introduction – 12-15 minutes (ca. 45 minutes altogether); (2) short reactions among themselves (ca. 15 minutes); (3) questions and comments from the audience (ca. 30 minutes).

President of the discussion: Guido Vergauwen (President of the Consiglio di Amministrazione of the PUST)

Participants: Riccardo Cinquegrani (Director of AVEPRO, the Quality Agency for Higher Education of the Holy See), Mauro Montavani (President of CRUIPRO. the Conference of the Rectors of the Pontifical Universities in Rome), Pablo Carlos Sicouly, Socius for the Intellectual Life of the Master of the Dominican Order.

Second Session 11.00 – 12.45

Purpose: to present and to discuss the projects of the faculties and institutes of the PUST on an inter-faculty level.

President: the Rector

Format: Introductory presentations by the Deans/Directors of the Institutes (5-7 minutes for each of them; a file with a short description – up to 2 pages – will be sent before to all participants in the Dies academicus. Overall, this part of the session should take ca. 75 minutes), followed by discussion (ca. 30 minutes).