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Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.): Biblical Section

This programme covers all areas of biblical scholarship. It offers primarily courses that synthetically deal with biblical issues (biblical theology) and courses of biblical exegesis. During a required propaedeutic period, the pro- gramme offers courses that are auxiliary to biblical exegesis (biblical languages) along with the courses that deal with the general setting of the Bible (history, geography and archaeology). The main scope of these courses is to give the student a solid formation in the biblical methodology.

The normal duration of the curriculum of “Licentiate in Biblical Theology” is two years (4 semesters). This is valid, however, for those who at the time of enrollment possess the linguistic requirements concerning the knowledge of Hebrew and Greek. Beginners in one or both languages, must foresee at least a fifth semester, based on the program to be agreed and verified with the Dean and the Head of the Biblical section. Biblical language courses for beginners (Hebrew A-B and Greek A-B) are considered as prerequisites and therefore are not assigned ECTS.

Course Schedule


Course List


Plan of Study

The organization of the courses for acquiring the License is as follows:

I. Obligatory: (9 ECTS)
1) Biblical languages

  • Level 1 – beginners: Hebrew (bP 3475 – 4 hrs); Greek (bP 3429 – 4 hrs) –  first year, first semester. (These are not assigned ECTS).
  • Level 2 – for those who have passed Level 1: Hebrew (bP 3433 – 2 hrs); Greco (bP 3466 – 2 hrs) second semester, first year. (6 ECTS)
    • Students who, in the first semester, attended the “Hebrew A-B” and “Greek A- B” courses, but did not pass the relative exam, will not be able to enroll in the “Hebrew C” and “Greek C” courses, but will have to repeat the exams in the summer session.

Students who register in the second semester must take a qualification exam. If they do not pass the exam they must begin the propaedeutic semester in the following year.

2) Biblical Methodology (3 ECTS)

II. Courses from the Specialization (14 – 42 ECTS)
The courses, offered in both New Testament and Old Testament, are intended to help students in their ability to combine exegetical work with the theological dimension, within the Christian perspective. The courses are also intended to highlight the specificity of Biblical Theology and its fundamental contribution within the framework of the other theological disciplines. Selected courses These courses cover the following fields: OT – Torah, Prophets and Writings; NT – Synoptic Gospels, Gospel of John and the Letters of Paul.

III. Courses from other sessions (3 – 9 ECTS)

IV. Seminars (4 – 12 ECTS): dedicated to the practice of exegesis and biblical theology. All seminars conclude with a written paper.