[FP 4016]  Latino 6 / Latin 6

Semestre II
Venerdì 14:30 - 17:15

Informazioni sul corso

Prof: CICCIA, Giancarlo
Email: ciccia@pust.it
Lingua: Inglese
Programma: Licenza
Semestre II
Venerdì 14:30 - 17:15


This course is a continuation of Latin 5, and will focus on the translation of philosophical texts of St. Thomas Aquinas. Other texts from the Middle Ages, including texts in Medieval canon law, may also be considered. Students will be evaluated by two written examinations, one to be held towards the middle of the semester, the second during the exam period at the end of the semester. Translations in class may be given in English or Italian. Written work may be in English, Italian, Spanish, or French.


Charles H. Beeson, A Primer of Medieval Latin: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry. James B. Greenhough / J. H. Allen, Allen and Greenhough's New Latin Grammar. F. A. Mantello / A. G. Rigg, Medieval Latin: An Introduction and Bibliographical Guide. Cora C. Scanlon, Second Latin.