Join us for Italy’s National March for Life 2021 (22 May)

Join us for Italy’s National March for Life 2021 (22 May)

Dear Angelicum Students, Professors and Friends,


N.B. – to attend the March for Life only, there is no need to register on eventbrite – the eventbrite below is only for the 9am Mass (there is no registration for the March for Life)


As we have done previously, ASPUST is inviting students to participate in the annual March for Life in Rome. This year, given the various restrictions, there will not be the usual march, but instead a static demonstration in Via dei Fori Imperiali at 11.00am, on the 22nd of May (Saturday)



Here in Rome, where countless Christians of the early Church shed their blood to witness to Christ, the Lord of Life, we too want to raise our voices to support a culture of life: join us!  We want to be the voice of the voiceless, and the defenders of the defenseless.


With the help of God, we can establish in our society a culture in which the dignity of every person is respected and promoted: from the moment of conception to natural death.


For those interested, we will celebrate a 9AM Mass in the Angelicum’s church (PLEASE REGISTER FOR MASS ONLY) and then we will meet at 10:30AM and head to Via Fori Imperiali together. For those who would like to go straight there, look for the Angelicum flag when you arrive!   For further information:

Or you can contact:

br. Jean-Gabriel M. Pophillat OP gmpophillat@pust

fr. Benedict Croell OP [email protected] (mobile)

(PHOTOS from past Marcia per la Vita)