Joint Diploma in “Spirituality of Religious Families”.

Joint Diploma in “Spirituality of Religious Families”.

The Joint Diploma in Spirituality of Religious Families is an initiative of the Teresianum with the collaboration of six other Roman Pontifical Institutions (including the Angelicum).


The living tradition of the Church has given rise to various Religious Families and Orders that live the sequela Christi according to different colours and modalities. In the panorama of Pontifical Institutions in Rome, there are Universities, Athenaeums and Faculties that offer courses in spiritual theology from the perspective of the different spiritual traditions to which they are linked.


Students choose their places of study because of their religious affiliation or spiritual affinity, but they often have the desire to get to know other forms of spirituality as well, either to benefit from a more complete cognitive horizon, or to better bring out the distinctiveness of their own spirituality in comparison to others, or even to be able to help other people with different affinities in their spiritual accompaniment.

From 27 October to 11 May, 6 study days (Saturdays, apart from 27 October which will be a presentation day) in presence or online



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