JP2 Lecture: Mirosława Grabowska “Secularization in Europe: Theory and Reality”

JP2 Lecture: Mirosława Grabowska “Secularization in Europe: Theory and Reality”

We invite you to another lecture of the 2022/23 series of “JP2 Lectures”, to be held on Wednesday, 30 November 2022. The lecture by prof. Mirosława Grabowska (University of Warsaw / Public Opinion Research Center) will be titled “Secularization in Europe: Theory and Reality”, and will start at 4.30 PM (CET) in Aula 11 at the Angelicum.


The lecture will explore both the theory of secularization and the actual, empirical processes of secularization, or rather the processes of changes in religiosity. From such a wide-ranging subject matter, the following are selected for discussion:

  1. Three theoretical approaches to the processes of change in religiosity:
    (a) secularization theory,
    (b) historical-sociological approach,
    (c) individual-biographical approach.
  2. Examples of secularization processes in selected Western European countries.
  3. Processes of change of religiosity in Poland, together with an attempt to diagnose the mechanisms behind them: the drivers and brakes of this change.

In conclusion, the case of Poland will be referred to theoretical approaches. First, whether and how the processes of changing religiosity in Poland can be interpreted from the point of view of the three theoretical approaches. And second, what relevance these diagnosed processes of change in religiosity in Poland have for the three theoretical approaches. In simplest terms: what the distinguished approaches can say about the case of Poland, and what the case of Poland can say about the theoretical approaches.


Mirosława Grabowska – professor, sociologist. Her interests include sociology of religion, sociology of politics, and social research methodology. She is the author/editor of 17 books and over 100 articles. The book Building Democracy. Social Divisions, Political Parties and Civil Society in Post-communist Poland (2001, 2003), written with Tadeusz Szawiel, was awarded by the Polish Academy of Sciences, and The Post-communist Cleavage. Social Bases of Politics in Poland after 1989 (2004) was translated into English and published by Peter Lang Publishing in 2021. Her most recent book on religiosity is God and the Polish Case. Beyond the Limits of Secularization Theory. She has been a visiting professor at Stanford University, at The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. She was elected Director of Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS) in 2007, in 2012 and in 2017 for the term 2018-2023.


The lecture will be delivered in English.

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On Thursday 1 December, we also invite Angelicum students to attend a seminar with Prof. Grabowska from 10.30 to 11.30 am in Aula 14, for a discussion following the lecture (registration for the seminar via email at: [email protected]).