Rector’s appeal for aid to earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey

Rector’s appeal for aid to earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey

Dear Angelicum Community,


As you know, the tragic earthquake and aftershocks that have taken place in Turkey and Syria have stunned all of us with the loss of life and devastation. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and all those assisting with the ongoing rescue missions taking place at this very moment.


In particular we are receiving reports of the family and friends of members of our Angelcum community who have been deeply affected, and underline the need for food, shelter and emergency supplies for the relief efforts and for those who have lost their homes. One member of the Angelicum community shared:


“My father’s hometown and nearby cities are in a terrible situation as it keeps snowing while people, especially the elderly and children, are freezing to death. My cousin is stranded in his car with 3 kids. Yesterday they were able to get food aid for 3 people so the kids ate but they couldn’t. Soon they won’t have any food…”

“The whole region affected is about 17 million people, for now, we know that 11,000 buildings are destroyed, including hospitals. There is no exact number on the death toll as people keep dying…”


The greatest thing we can offer are prayers for the efforts, but our generosity will also have an immediate impact in regard to food and medical supplies.


We have included two options for donating which we have confirmed are reputable and are already assisting the efforts on the ground.  


Please be generous and let us join in solidarity with the people of these countries and all those profoundly affected by this disaster.


AHBAP – A Turkish organization that is leading relief efforts on the ground.


Caritas International – Fund for earthquake assistance in Syria and Turkey


Fr. Thomas-Joseph White, OP, Rector Magnificus