The Fall edition of The Angelicum magazine now online

The Fall edition of The Angelicum magazine now online

The Angelicum magazine for the Fall 2020 is now available online.  This edition highlights the school of Canon Law, along with the spirit of service highlighted in the witness of several of our alumni like Mary Jo Gretsinger and Fr. Will Conquer, M.E.P.

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Some of our recent Canon Law alumni shared:

“Canon Law provides structure and direction to every part of the Church’s life; it is the way that the Church puts our theology and our evangelical mission into practical action.  Each diocese, religious institute, and Catholic entity requires the service of canonists to ensure the competent fulfillment of its mission and the clarification of the rights and obligations of all involved.  

An education in canon law is far more than mere familiarity with the Code of Canon Law.  It is the fostering and development of a true, philosophically informed juridical mindset, ready to think with the mind of the Church, free from legal positivism and other intellectual infections which can subtly threaten the good governance of the Church.  This is where the Angelicum shines: any canon law program can provide familiarity with the text and history of the canons.  But in the context of the rigorous education of the Angelicum, canonists can emerge with an intellect formed to think and respond in accordance with sound legal principles, philosophically rooted premises about the human person and the nature and role of law, and an attitude of service to Holy Mother Church.”
Very Reverend John J. H. Hammond (JCL, ’18)
Vicar General and Judicial Vicar, Diocese of Nashville (Tennessee, USA)


“Studying at the Angelicum was very useful for my practice in the diocesan tribunal.  I can say that I was able to begin working right away on the tasks entrusted to me, without the need for long explanations. The instruction at the Angelicum always had a professional approach, but was also very human.  The professors were always ready to help the students to understand the important things and to prepare them in this way for the variety of duties that awaited them.  The role of a canonist is always to come to the aid of the people that find themselves in difficulty,  I see it every day in my work with couples that ask for an annulment to their marriage.  In this way, we can help them to discover the truth about their marriage, to give an answer to their conscience and, in this way, to help them to continue with their life in peace.”

Helena Lukianová (JCL, ’18)
Canon lawyer from the Diocese of Bratislava (Slovakia)


“If the salvation of souls is the highest law (can. 1752 CIC), then one can validly argue that canon law is essential to the life of the Church.  At the Angelicum, I learned that the letter and the spirit of the law must meet. This is nothing short of the pastoral conversion advocated by the Supreme Pontiff, Francis. As far as canon law is concerned, the Angelicum is the best!”
Rev. Fr. Charles O. Otu, (JCD, ’20)
Diocese of Abakaliki (Nigeria)


“As Judicial Vicar, every single day I see how canon law directly serves our bishops, priests, and all the faithful in living out their vocations. Studying canon law, “especially with St.  Thomas as a teacher” (canon 252 §3), Angelicum students are always rooted in the most venerable intellectual tradition.

Very Rev. David Hudgins (JCL, ’17)
Diocese of Lansing, (Michigan, USA)


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