In compliance with the “Bologna Process”, the program in Social Sciences follows the structure laid down as the standard in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), with three successive Cycles of studies, each one terminating with the conferment of an academic degree: Baccalaureate (1st cycle, NQF 6); Licentiate (2nd cycle, NQF 7), Doctorate (3rd cycle, NQF 8).

  • 1st cycle: Baccalaureate degree, lasting 6 semesters and concluding with a written exam (180 ECTS).
  • 2nd cycle: Licentiate, comprising 4 semesters of more specialized coursework. It concludes with the presentation and public defense of a final written thesis (120 ECTS).
  • 3rd cycle: Doctorate, lasting 4/6 semesters of courses and seminars, with the preparation of a dissertation using original research, part of which needs to be published in order to obtain the degree.


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The curriculum of the Faculty of Social Sciences is structured in a multidisciplinary integrated way, with five disciplinary areas:

  • Ethics and Catholic Social Thought;
  • History and Politics;
  • Law and International Relations;
  • Economics and Social Communications;
  • Sociology and psychology.

Courses are mostly taught in Italian. Angelicum offers a specific Language Programme to help non-Italians pursue their studies. For foreign students, especially in the first year, there is a tutoring service in the English language.