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Ring, Biretta and Gown for Graduates

On 13th May 2011, the Academic Senate established the official ring, biretta and the gown (toga) for the graduates of the Angelicum.


Ring can be made in the massive University size (23 dwt) in Yellow, Green or White gold. The somewhat smaller College size would also be appropriate.

Figure of St. Thomas Aquinas with Summa backed by the facade of SS. Domenico e Sisto Church. Two lilies symbolic of Our Holy Father St. Dominic and the purity of doctrine taught by St. Thomas Aquinas. Below St. Thomas the name “Angelicum.” Below this “Collegium Fund,” and date MDLXXVII. Historically, the University was originally founded as the College of St. Thomas Aquinas in the vicinity of St. Mary of the Minerva in 1577. [See Apostolic Letter (motu proprio) of John XXIII, March 7, 1963].

The official title of the University taken from the above motu proprio “Pontificia Universitas a S.Toma Aquinate in Urbe” with “Roma” at the bottom.


The color of the stone can be a dark red gemstone for theology, blue gemstone for philosophy, light red gemstone for canon law, and green gemstone for social sciences.

Shield of the Dominican Order imposed on the Papal crown and keys to signify a PontificaI University conducted by the Dominican Order.


In the background are crossed torches to signify the mission of the Dominican Order to spread the light of truth throughout the world.


Below “Universitas” and date “MCMLXIII”.


The Athenaeum/Collegium was raised to the rank of University in 1963 by John XXIII.

Name and year would be engraved inside the band.


For the Doctorate there will be a four-corned Biretta with the colors of the Faculty (dark red Theology, blue Philosophy, light red Canon Law and green Social Sciences).


For the Licentiate it will have three corns (picture shows a three corns theology licentiate Biretta).

A tradition holds that the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas does allow a white doctoral (four-peaked) biretta, to match the white Dominican habit.

The Gown is generally used only by lay graduates.


Clerics usually wear only their cassock and religious their full religious habit.


The sashes (stole) and sleeve endings should be the color of the Faculty (dark red Theology, blue Philosophy, light red Canon Law and green Social Sciences).