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1. Vincenzo Sorce (Italy)

1. Luigi Lorenzetti (Italia)
2. Fr. Jude Chidiebere Egbuom (Nigeria)
3. Fr. Lambert Greenan, OP (USA)
4. Sr. Maureen Ceil Iloka, IHM (Nigeria)

1. Fr. Claude Geffré, OP (France)

1. Cardinal Jorge María Mejía (Argentina)

1. Fr. Anselm Herz, OP (Germany)
2. Fr. Felice (Vittorio) Lagutaine (Italy)
3. Alessandro Scafi (Italy) [Philosophy]

1. Fr. Graham Turner (Scotland)

1. Archbishop Thomas Cajetan Kelly, O.P. (USA)
2. Cardinal John Patrick Foley (USA)
3. Msgr. Julio César Álvarez (Paraguay)