[FE 1003]  Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas

Semester I
thursday 09:30 - 10:15

Course Information

Professor: CAMP, Isobel
Email: [email protected]
Language: English

Semester I
thursday 09:30 - 10:15


St. Thomas Aquinas personality often has been considered as invisible behind his work. In recent research however it is seen as closely related with his teaching and writing, but perceivable as an as well scientific as well as spiritual life. The course is aimed at giving a first introduction to:

  1. St. Thomas Aquinas’s life and work, conditions of writing, editions and (English) translations,
  2. A short outline: basics of his philosophy. During this section of the course, emphasis will be given to the proemia of his various philosophical works.
  3. The role of thomistic metaphysics as an instrument for theology.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: Stephen L. BROCK, The Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas. A Sketch, Eugene (OR): Wipf & Stock, 2015; Jean- Pierre TORRELL: Saint Thomas Aquinas The person and his work, Washington D.C. 1996; James A. WEISHEIPL: Friar Thomas d’Aquino his life, thought and work, Garden City 19832; Ralph MCINERNY: Saint Thomas Aquinas, Notre Dame Ind. 1977, repr. 2004; ID.: A first glance at St. Thomas Aquinas: a handbook for peeping Thomists, Notre Dame Ind. 1990, repr. 2003.