[FE 1003]  BAC. 1st yr Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas – 24.25

Semestre I
Lunedi 11:30 - 12:15

Informazioni sul corso

Prof: CAMP, Isobel
Email: [email protected]
Lingua: Inglese
Programma: Baccellierato
Semestre I
Lunedi 11:30 - 12:15


This course is aimed at giving a first introduction to:

  1. St. Thomas Aquinas’s life and work, conditions of writing, editions and translations.
  2. A short outline: based on the proemia of his various philosophical works.
  3. The role of Thomistic metaphysics as an instrument for theology.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: Stephen L. Brock, The Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas. A Sketch, Eugene (OR): Wipf & Stock, 2015; Jean-Pierre Torrell: Saint Thomas Aquinas The Person and his Work, Washington D.C. 1996; James A. Weisheipl: Friar Thomas d’Aquino his life, thought and work, Garden City 19832; Ralph McInerny: Saint Thomas Aquinas, Notre Dame Ind. 1977, repr. 2004; ID., A first glance at St. Thomas Aquinas: a handbook for peeping Thomists, Notre Dame Ind. 1990, repr. 2003