Les Maritain et Rome

Angelicum - Aula Minor Largo Angelicum 1, Rome, Italy

Les Maritain et Rome Journées d'étude á l'occasion du 80e anniversaire de l'ambassade de Jacques Maritain à Rome Seconde session:...

The Neuroscience of Free Will

Angelicum Thomistic Institute – Science & Religion Online Series “Immateriality in the Age of Science” The Neuroscience of Free Will...

2024 Annual Eucharistic Procession

Angelicum - church of San Domenico e Sisto Lago Angelicum 1, Rome, Lazio, Italy

ASPUST's annual Eucharistic Procession at the ANGELICUM

The Roman Triptych


In the third edition of “Re-enacting Rhapsodic Theater,” students will present “The Roman Triptych,” a three-part meditative poem published by...