Teologia e rischio book cover

Teologia e rischio

Francesco Giordano and Luigi Pastorelli A challenge for the economy and for the Social Doctrine of the Church Conclusions Card....

The Spirit of Catholicism book cover

The Spirit of Catholicism

Vivian Boland, O. P. Bloomsbury Publishing-2021 The Catholic Church seems to be in serious crisis – disfigured by scandals, divided…

Vangelo e la liturgia domenicana book cover

Vangelo e la liturgia domenicana

Dominik Jurczak OP – Vangelo e la liturgia domenicana dopo la riforma di Umberto di Romans con l’edizione dell’evangelistarium e…

Parole, parole, parole… book cover

Parole, parole, parole…

Monosemia e polisemia della formula “Parola di Dio” alla luce di Gv 1,1-18 e Ger 1,1-19 Nicoletta Gandolfo 2020

Called into a Story book cover

Called into a Story

An “environ-mental” approach to Saint Thomas Aquinas as exegete and preacher Margherita Maria Rossi 2018  

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