In the interest of preserving opportunities for members of the community to safely collaborate and celebrate, the Angelicum has undertaken to limit public events whenever possible.

  • All events will require prior approval, by the Rector or other responsible entity in conjunction with the Rector.
  • The first consideration for event planners should be the current government guidelines governing in-person gatherings.
  • Any approved events will require electronic attendee check-in for contact tracing Purposes.
  • Events will require a pre-registration whenever possible/appropriate.
  • Appropriate COVID-19 screening will occur, as needed, prior to event entry.
  • Event hosts must review the following aspects of every event for compliance with COVID-19 guidelines:
    • Logistics, i.e. physical distancing requirements.
    • Catering/food.
    • Necessary event staffing.
    • Record-keeping for contact tracing and legal considerations.
    • Audio/visual and/or remote technology platform needs.
    • Restrictions related to outside speakers/performers.
    • Restrictions related to outside vendors.
  • Virtual gatherings will be strongly encouraged; event organizers are asked to take all possible steps to minimize in-person contact through events and activities.