Classrooms & Other Spaces

Class Sizes

  • All persons should remain at least one meter apart at all times.
  • New social distancing capacity limits have been determined for all classrooms and other learning spaces. Furniture will be marked for proper social distancing.
  • Classrooms will have signs posted indicating the occupancy limit.
  • Concurrent classes may be reduced and the amount of time between classes may be increased as needed to ensure appropriate transitions. Options to limit traffic and congestion include:
    • Avoiding, to the extent possible, scheduling adjacent classrooms for entry or exit at the same time, i.e staggered start and end times (See “Break” Section);
    • Adjusting the overall class schedule to allow for increased time between class sessions.
  • Occupancy limits in restrooms will be reduced as needed, based on distancing guidelines; social distancing instructions will be posted on restroom entrances and stalls and individuals will be instructed to maintain social distancing in hallways while waiting to use Restrooms.
  • The University will provide specific guidance on use of elevators to adhere to social distancing guidelines, including encouragement for individuals to use the stairs whenever Possible.
  • Designate one meter social distancing areas for students/faculty in hallways for waiting to enter classrooms.