Common Areas

  • For common spaces, including kitchens, refreshment points, changing rooms, and restrooms:
    • Continuous ventilation will be maintained, to guarantee steady airflow.
    • Occupancy limits for that room will be listed at the entrance.
    • Physical distancing of one meter should always be maintained.
    • Movements within the area must be limited to the bare minimum.
  • The use of the elevator is limited to one person at a time equipped with gloves and a mask with an obligation before and after use to wash hands or gloves with the sanitizing gel provided.
  • The drinks and snacks dispenser will be sanitized frequently. It will also be mandatory to sanitize hands before and after each use.
  • Face-to-face individual meetings are discouraged and remote connection preferred. If necessary, face-to-face meetings may take place with adequate distance and minimizing the number of participants.
  • Access by external suppliers may take place according to the pre-determined protocols, routes and timelines; (See Visiting Campus/External Workers Section).