• Failure to abide by these protocols may result in denial of access to the premises. Those already on campus who fail to abide by the protocols may be directed to leave.
  • Any person experiencing one or more COVID-19 symptoms should not come to the University under any circumstances. Those experiencing symptoms or reporting contact with someone who has tested positive will be denied entry to the University.
  • To assist with contact tracing and overall virus control, visitors should make appointments before visiting campus and to provide the name and contact information for the person with whom they will be meeting at the entry gate. They will be asked to adhere to the guidelines provided in the safety plan guide.
  • To assist with contact tracing, visitors without appointments will be asked to sign in and provide contact information upon arrival.
  • People who would otherwise visit the University – such as guest speakers in class settings – are asked to make contact by other means, using video conferencing or other technologies whenever possible.
  • Visitors will be required to adhere to the physical distancing of one meter at all times while visiting the University.
  • Visitors will be required to refrain from unnecessary movement within the University. They are to proceed to their area of appointment and refrain from interacting with others when it is not necessary to do so.
  • Visitors should make every effort to avoid clustering in groups.