Registration & Payment Procedures

  • Before entering the office, students will be required to disinfect their hands with the appropriate sanitizing product present at the entrance of the University or at the beginning of the corridor.
  • Obligatory use of the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (masks and gloves or, as an alternative to gloves, sanitize hands before and after entering the classroom).
  • Avoid gatherings ensuring social distancing of one meter between people present.
  • In the offices, students may enter one at a time and, and only two may wait in the hall, while keeping the distance of one meter. Others will be able to wait in the Cloister keeping the distance mentioned.
  • Chairs that are not available for use will have a sign indicating such. To ensure the appropriate interpersonal distancing these chairs may not be used.
  • Students will be required to observe all the health and hygiene measures provided for prevention from Covid-19 (See “Presential Exams” for these measures).
  • Students should avoid close and prolonged contact with people with flu symptoms.
  • Students should throw away disposable masks and gloves into mixed waste Containers.