External Workers

Access Procedures

  • Outside workers will receive a COVID-19 safety plan from the University before the start of the fall semester. Their respective companies will be asked to provide the University with their company’s COVID protocols. They will also be asked to adhere to the guidelines provided in the safety plan. Outside agents that fail to provide a copy of their protocols or adhere to the safety plan directives may be prevented from entering the University.
  • Outside companies will be asked to sign an acknowledgment that they guarantee compliance with the measures herein. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the property or denial of access to the University.
  • The drivers of external companies, if possible, should remain outside (preferably and if possible, within the vehicle of transport); access to the offices or places where their activities are not carried out is not allowed. For necessary loading and unloading activities, the transporter must comply with a strict distance of one meter.
  • It is absolutely forbidden for suppliers/transporters and/or other external staff to use the restrooms of the employees.
  • Fixed companies (i.e., contractors) operating within the facility may use designated private bathrooms.
  • Companies operating within the university must have Covid-19 safety protocols (the university will make a specific request of this to our outside vendors.) Failure to supply the University with their company’s protocols may result in a denial of access to the premises. A list of external companies with authorized access will be given to the Concierge.
  • The workers of all companies operating within the university (cleaning, kitchen, electricians, plumbers, construction company etc.) must undergo a measurement of body temperature before entry (if the same companies have already carried out this check, the worker may present a specific measurement register card to the concierge staff for verification). Anyone whose temperature is above 37.5°C will not be granted access and protocols (see “Specific Measures”) will be followed. The concierge will communicate the dismissal of the external worker to administration.
  • When entering the university, there is an obligation to avoid interpersonal contacts and situations of close proximity to other workers. Therefore, external workers must avoid any internal movement that is not necessary for the purposes of carrying out their work (the university will communicate this to all external companies).
  • The kitchen suppliers must limit access to the premises and make deliveries only after washing their hands or gloves with the appropriate sanitizing gel and wearing a mask .
  • Even for refreshment and sanitation, these companies must remain in their areas of competence and must avoid accessing other areas of the university.
  • The access of suppliers and external visitors is contingent and managed by the concierge staff as described in the previous paragraphs.
  • Employees may recommend, when necessary, suppliers and external visitors to avoid clustering in groups.