Student Protocols

Since there are many protocols that are required of all of us, this informational sheet is being provided as a quick reference guide for what is expected from you as a student at the Angelicum. This guide does not replace the full protocols but is meant to condense and clarify the protocols so as to assist you while on campus as a student. Please read the protocols carefully and in their entirety to make sure that you are aware of and understand the various procedures for the prevention and mitigation of the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

  1. Please make sure to submit your signed student COVID-19 protocols acknowledgment form to administration.
  2. If you are not associated with a College, Congregation, or Centro Pro Unione, submit your - ull protocol document)
  3. The screening process may delay entry into the facility. Please factor in time in your commute and arrival to campus (try to arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to class).
  4. Do not come to school if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Call the dean to report your illness immediately.
  5. Masks are required while on campus.
  6. Wash and/or sanitize your hands frequently. Hand Sanitizer will be made available in various “Hand Sanitizing Stations”
  7. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose as much as possible.
  8. Maintain a distance of at least one meter from others.
  9. Be sure to maintain room occupancy limits.
  10. If you begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus notify administration immediately.
  11. You are being asked to sanitize the study areas you use before and after use. This applies to the library study area and classroom desks. Cleaning products will be made available to do so.
  12. Your professors will inform you if your class meeting time is being staggered in order to minimize crowding during break.
  13. If your class has a staggered schedule, an alarm will ring on the classroom laptop to alert you that you may begin your break. If your class is not following a staggered schedule, the normal schedule will be followed.
  14. Your professor will inform you of the mode in which classes will be taught (See “Modes of Learning” in the full protocols document”)
  15. You may submit a request for dispensation form for a valid reason (i.e., distance, compromised immunity, illness) to attend classes remotely. The Dean will inform you if your dispensation is granted.
  16. If at any time you are required to quarantine/isolate yourself because you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms of the virus, or have tested positive for COVID-19, you must submit a dispensation form so as to alert the Dean and professors of your absence and your compliance with the 14-day quarantine.

NB. You are responsible for adhering to all the protocols even if they are not specifically mentioned in the quick reference guides.